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Welcome to Our Members Only Site

Welcome to the Inspire Now Daily Members Only Site, where we share content that is available only to Inspire Now Journal customers. We will be uploading materials that will help you work towards your goals, topics such as:

  • How to beat procrastination and get things done.
  • How to increase your productivity.
  • How to stay motivated and achieve your goals.
  • How to Set SMART Goals, etc.


Why we procrastinate and how to overcome it

The human brain is programmed to procrastinate which is why we struggle to complete tasks that will not deliver immediate results. The human brain deals better with concrete things and not so well with abstract and uncertain things.

Download the document below and learn why we procrastinate and how to beat it.

How to Set SMART Goals

You may have probably heard a thousand times that it helps to have clear goals and to take steps towards achieving them. Have you stopped to really consider what this means? 

We have prepared a workbook which will help you to seriously think about goals in different aspects of your life and understand the logic behind it.

How to Stay Motivated

A lot of people struggle with motivation when trying to achieve tasks or goals. People get motivated in different ways, so what motivates one person might not work for the other.

The attached workbook provides different tips for you to work through, go through them and select a combination that suits your personality.